User Guide

DevCodeMetricsWeb is an ASP.Net application.  It is an application that run on a web server to allow metrics to be viewed by standard web browsers.



Viewing Metrics

DevCodeMetrics has a modules page and a functions page.  The modules page lists all modules (files) parsed for metrics in the project along with total metrics for each module.  The functions page list all functions found in all modules with metrics for each function.  The modules or function pages are viewed by clicking on Modules or Functions in the content bar.

In both pages the kiviat chart displays metrics for the currently selected item (module or function).  To select an item click on the table row.

Metrics are displayed in a table.  The table has a limited number of row.  If there are more items than can be displayed table page numbers will be displayed at the bottom of the table.  Click on a page number to display that page. 

Long filenames and function names are truncated.  The full name of the currently selected item is displayed above the kiviat chart.  The full name of the item under the cursor is displayed on the web browser's status bar.


Metrics Limits

Metric limits are used for scaling the kiviat charts and colouring metric cells if metric values are out of set limits.

Limits are set in a file Limits.xml in the Data folder.  This XML file contains two tables of limits, one for module metrics and one for function metrics.  This file can be edited to change the limits.


Metrics Capture

DevCodeMetricsWeb displays metrics stored in a file metrics.xml in the Data directory that is created or updated by DevCodeMetricsConsole.

For information on using DevCodeMetricsConsole click here.