Metrics Capture


Metrics capture applications are:

Common features:

  • Supported Metrics

    • Lines
    • Lines of code (LOC)
    • Effective lines of code (eLOC)
    • Blank lines
    • Commented lines (cLOC)
    • Cyclomatic complexity (Vg)
  • Multiple Languages

    • C
    • ASM (mid 2004)


  • Multiple Output Formats

    XML released version 1.0.  Other formats have been included but are not fully tested.

    • XML (Used by browsers)
    • CSV
    • XLS (Excel)


Metrics browsers, to view captured metrics are:

wpe3C.jpg (127186 bytes)  wpe35.jpg (114914 bytes)

As the capture tool write to multiple industry standard output formats (including XML).  Captured metrics also be viewed using Visual Studio, Excel, and many others.


Common Browser Features


  • User Configurable Thresholds

Acceptable metrics thresholds vary from organisation to organisation depending on coding standards used and business decision of cost of development, code size, and maintainability.  Hence all metrics thresholds are user configurable to help identify "red flags" (also known as "bad smells").   

DevCodeMetricsWeb thresholds are set in the file limits.xml and are user adjustable.

Chart of selected metrics with respect to minimum and maximum thresholds.

  • Colour Highlighting

Metrics are colour highlighted in tables if outside of minimum and maximum thresholds.  This helps quickly identifying trouble items.

An example browser page showing colour highlighting: wpe35.jpg (114914 bytes)



E-mail me on the list at forums or  robsmyth at users.sourceforge.net  if you have feature requests. 


Last updated: 2nd July, 2005