Kiviat ChartDevCodeMetrics is a suite of tools to provide development teams and individual developers with C and ASM code metrics including line count, lines of code (LOC), commented lines (cLOC), effective lines of code (eLOC), and cyclomatic complexity.  


Captured metrics can be viewed by a web server application that displays metrics with Kiviat charts and colour highlighting.


The DevCodeMetrics Suite



Capture Planned Release
DevCodeMetricsWeb Yes No Released
DevCodeMetricsConsole No Yes Released
DevCodeMetricsWinApp Yes Yes Released



DevCodeMetricsWeb is a DevCodeMetrics metrics browser application.  It is a ASP.Net application that allows developers to browse captured metrics and view Kiviat charts using standard web browsers on their intranet.  It is intended for use by development teams with nightly builds.


Sheen shots


Module Metrics


Function Metrics

  wpe3C.jpg (127186 bytes)     wpe35.jpg (114914 bytes)   wpe1.jpg (95249 bytes)



DevCodeMetricsConsole is a DevCodeMetrics metrics capture application.  It is a .Net console application that writes output to a file that can be read by DevCodeMetricsWeb or any application that can read the XML or other file formats.


DevCodeMetricsWinApp is a .Net Windows (EXE) application equivalent of DevCodeMetricsWeb.  It is suited for use by individual developers or if  web browsing is not preferred.



DevCodeMetricsWinApp 0.1.0 Released.

Alpha version of the windows application has been released.  This is a stand alone application, it does not require DevCodeMetricsConsole or DevCodeMetricsWeb.


Latest releases:

  • DevCodeMetricsWinApp 0.1.0
  • DevCodeMetricsConsole 1.0.0
  • DevCodeMetricsWeb 1.2.0






This project is not longer under active development.  No further releases are planned.


- Rob




E-mail me on the list at forums or  robsmyth at users.sourceforge.net  if you have feature requests.

Last updated: 2nd July, 2005